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The following items can be found on the A2Z Military Collectables website , with full descriptions, photographs and prices. This one is made of solid bronze and awarded to native bearers and servants; it has two clasps, the Tirah and the Punjab Frontier This medal is in excellent condition but all the naming has been erased; but both clasps are correctly attached and it comes on its original ribbon. A very fine medal, a superb gap filler. Original American civil war period black leather ammunition pouch. It has been well used but remains in pretty good condition for its age. The inside still has the fabric compartments for the shells, there is wear here, some of the fabric has worn through, due to use. Pre XCII 92nd Gordon Highlanders Uniform Cross Belt Plate Beautiful solid brass badge which comes in wonderful original condition although there is light wear to the high points, long lugs both in tact, measures 3.

Antique 6-Gallon Stoneware Jar with Cobalt Design, stamped “Whites Utica” c.1865

Additional links to images of similar bottles are also frequently included. The array of references used to support the conclusions and estimates found here – including the listed dating ranges – are noted. Additional information and estimates are based on the empirical observations of the author over 50 years of experience; a fact often but not always noted. Various terminology is used in the descriptions that may be unfamiliar if you have not studied other pages on this site.

If a term is unfamiliar, first check the Bottle Glossary page for an explanation or definition.

is an informational web site devoted to Mar-crest Old Fashioned Stoneware that was produced from the 50’s to the early 60’s. Collectors refer to the pattern as Daisy and Dot, the glaze finish (color) as Warm Colorado Brown and the style (motif) as Pennsylvania Dutch.

Feel free to contact me! This bottle stands about Has a hair lined crack on one side. Otherwise in great condition. This crock is in very good condition. There seems to be conflicting info on the web on dating this piece. Depending on the source, Monmouth Stoneware Company of Monmouth, Illinois, began operations in Sometime between and it merged with several other potteries to form the Western Stoneware Company, retaining Monmouth’s distinctive maple leaf logo, which was used until One source says the presence of “Co.

Country Treasures

The Western Stoneware Company: Many items in The Monmouth Pottery Company’s early collection of bowls, butter churns, crock jars, and jugs were actually decorated by hand with primitive cobalt markings. A classic, and hard to find, cobalt identification marking used by The Monmouth Pottery Company in the early days was the “two men in a crock mark” which simply featured two men standing in a crock.

Antique Utensils Price Guide This article will introduce you some of the more popular antique utensils as well as pricing information for specific categories. The items included in this article represent utensils that would be common in the late ‘s (Victorian).

Please update your billing information in My WorthPoint to reactivate your account! Although there are a few ways in which new advertising is being applied to old pieces of stoneware, such as laser engraving and paper labels, Birks says the most convincing fake ads are applied as an ultra-thin vinyl transfer. In many cases, these pieces are covered with a clear coat to give the appearance that the advertising stamp is under glaze. He had never seen or heard of this particular advertising before, so when it arrived in the mail and looked good, he called up one of his best customers and sold it for a fair profit.

About a week later, however, the customer forwarded Prock an e-mail he received from someone who told him the crock was a fake. Prock still had the crock in his possession at this point, so he grabbed his jackknife and scratched at a small corner of the advertising. Sure enough, the advertising scraped off. The close-up photo below shows where an alert Red Wing Collectors Society member easily scratched off part of the ad.

He informed the auctioneer and an announcement was made before the piece sold, stating there were no guarantees whether it was authentic or fake. Notice the scratch through the “R. To date, most of the pieces with fake advertising are showing up on eBay, at antique malls and flea markets or on auctions. So how can you identify these pieces as being fake?

Applying advertising over original glaze is much like painting a piece of glossy glass.

Antique Ginger Beer Bottles

The body and handle are Bristol glazed and both heavily stamped in blue with a bird perched on a flowering branch. The lid is decorated with two blue circular lines and a generous finial. Unfortunately this salt crock has a substantial crack down the middle of the front.

Simple, but a good starter piece for new stoneware collectors, this is a classic eight-gallon crock that stands 15 1/2 inches tall. The condition is good with 1/8-inch crack and minor chips. It sold for $ in through Morphy Auctions.

Leuchtenbhurg China Very pretty antique child’s cup with cute graphics of a boy and girl with two animals, a sheep and goose. Marked on underside “Leuchtenburg Germany” with a graphic of a castle turret. From the style and type, we believe this to be an antique piece minimally a vintage child’s cup , likely dating to the early ‘s. This was found out of a home. The multi-color graphics encircle about half the cup with the remainder left blank.

The order on the cup shows the white sheep first, followed by the boy dressed in what may be a shepherd’s type outfit as he is carrying a curved shepherd’s staff and wearing a broad-rimmed hat, followed by a white goose, and ending with a girl in a bonnet and skirt carrying what looks like a plate or dish of bread or simple cake. The cup has a white base coloring with pink highlighting near the rim and a bit of pink on the handle.

Porcelain child’s cup was made with a slight fluting to the upper edge it is not a smooth round circular top although the form is definitely circular and raised in-mold design on the outside near the top edge in a repetitive arch form with raised dots. As made, this raised design was not evenly done around the cup with a large smooth section missing this design along the top in the area about midway from the sheep to midway of the boy.

This is not wear on the cup but a manufacturing flaw there is no wear in the paint pink coloring here.

American stoneware

We work with consignors from coast-to-coast and around the world, working hard to make sure we provide top quality items. In this sale we have just one from a great collection of antique stoneware, attributed to the Baltimore or Philadelphia region and dating ca. So see our many photos to capture all the details and get the best idea of condition!

Active. This sale is for a salt glazed stoneware canning jar with cobalt blue decoration in the form of three horizontal slashes. This is 6 3/4″ tall and 4″ in diameter.

Crocks were made by artisans in the United States starting in the s and in Europe, Japan and other countries well before then. Antique crocks can be found in stoneware, ceramic, porcelain and pottery and are of interest to collectors because of their history, unique styles and distinctive patterns and colors. They can be found at antiques stores, collectors shows, online stores, auctions, or for sale by owner.

As with other antiques of value, reproductions abound. Here are ways to identify authentic antique crocks. The mark may be a symbol, logo, letter or the name of the manufacturer. If the crock was made by a master artist, the piece may bear a signature. One example of a notable master artist is Thomas Commeraw, a free African-American who worked for various stoneware merchants and sold his own stoneware.

Western Wisdom

A roti of fine white maida, leavened, rolled out oval in shape, sprinkled with nigella kalonji seeds and baked in a tandoor or ordinary oven. Small, mud plastered ovens closely resembling present-day tandoors’ have been excavated at Kalibangan, and Indus Valley site. In about AD , Amir Khusrau notes naan-e-tanuk light bread and naan-e-tanuri cooked in a tandoor oven at the imperial court in Delhi.

Signed Antique NC Pottery This is a new page I’ve started to capture info about signed antique North Carolina Pottery, including Catawba Valley (which is near me). Signed pieces are stamped somewhere with the name or initials of the potter who made the piece.

Take a look at the marks on this RumRill console bowl right. A brief aside about RedWing and RumRill: Peters and Reed often has three stilt marks, too, and the old pieces show red clay under the glaze. So, if you see three little flaws on a glazed bottom, these are not damage—they are stilt marks or firing pin marks used for the firing process.

Examining the bottom for stilt marks may reveal some numbers that may help with identification, too. The Numbers Brush-McCoy For many years, three numbers were used to identify many of the shapes for American pottery. Some companies only used two numbers for some of the shapes, and some used four. These are numbers that are in the mold, not handwritten. Just a glance at the foot shows the numbers on this McCoy or Brush pot left. Notice the tilt to the numbers?

If you see three numbers at a slant on a yellow clay pot, it may be Brush or McCoy. RedWing and RumRill are routinely marked with numbers, and sometimes the name. Some of the pieces were also marked with a letter, a dash, then a number — so items marked similar to “M ” are often Redwing Murphy Era.


You’ll also be signed up to receive e-newsletters from Antique Trader and partners. Smaller stoneware pieces such as pitchers, milk pans and mugs were used for serving food and drink. In any case, you could find stoneware in abundance in any 19th century American household.

They were one of the seven Midwest companies that joined together to form the Western Stoneware Company in The Monmouth Pottery Company claimed it was the largestpottery in the world in Monmouth Pottery Co. was sold in and became one of seven other pottery companies to form Western Stoneware Co. in April

Admin Serious Dating Looking for the perfect western stoneware you can stop your search and come to etsy, the marketplace where sellers around the world express their creativity through handmade and vintage goods. For over forty years, westerwald pottery has been producing handmade stoneware pottery we offer a wide selection of hand thrown and beautifully decorated pottery, perfect for the classic country styled home.

These later pieces were made by the western stoneware company of there never were any old salt and peppers or toothpick holders in original old sleepy eye pottery. It is frequently recovered from historic sites in illinois dating to the ‘s and is the earliest ceramic horizon stoneware is the second basic ceramic type. American stoneware pots and jars it is good to know that such lists exist, since they will serve as a means of dating a particular piece.

Learn about the most popular companies and designs, along with the value, of antique utilitarian crockery and stoneware zsolnay pottery history and dating.

Antique Stoneware, Crocks and Pottery

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