Man drugged, sexually assaulted after Grindr meetup: Cops

By Les Fabian Brathwaite March 30 3: Which was an unhealthy number of experiences. For me, the process of hooking up has become an addiction. An addiction fueled by insecurity. The insecurity that comes with being a gay man. Abs prominently on display. Face obscured or head completely decapitated.

‘Costly signals’ and ‘the peacock’s tail’: What our Grindr profile pics tell us about ourselves

But this week blogger and activist Zinnia Jones was tipped off about a Grindr profile in Louisiana that appeared to belong to Moore. In case you’re not aware, Grindr is an incredibly popular location-based social networking app for smartphones, created exclusively for gay and bisexual men. Jones noted that the personal information contained in the Grindr profile name, age, year of birth, recent move to New Orleans matched Moore’s profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

She contacted him for comment, and the self-proclaimed “ex-gay” admitted that the profile was indeed his: The grindr profile was really mine. I’ve been on it on and off for the last couple of weeks.

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He doubted his drug plan would cover it. In the future, that might not matter. Earlier this month, the U. Food and Drug Administration approved a generic version of the drug, which is expected to be much cheaper than the brand-name version; if Health Canada also approves it, provincial governments will face pressure to provide PrEP for free, just as Scotland has recently done.

But while studies have shown that PrEP can be effective in preventing HIV in high-risk individuals, the drug may not be as safe and socially responsible as some ads make it seem. As PrEP begins to become a common consideration in the lives of gay men, governments and men like Scott need to think hard about whether the benefits of widespread prescribing are really worth the risks.

For example, he says would counsel someone like Scott, who usually—but not always—uses condoms, to consider PrEP. But do they really need it, considering the risk per sex act? According to a reference guide from St. Oral sex risks are much, much lower; using latex condoms consistently and correctly reduces that risk even further.

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But that one little app will change his life forever. In where Will and his Grindr hookup leave things off on a sour note, and said hookup ends up dating his sister. I’m back, and I’m gonna be bringing out some fresh Byeler content, boi!

Bryony Kimmings is an artist. She makes performance, dance, music, spoken word and video. truly radical new circus with stories and everything) sexual health clinic where she has been in residence for the past 2 months and David was visiting after a regretful Grindr hook up.

When we select our photos, what do our selections say about us? What do they say about the app or service we are using? Are there differences in the way people present themselves? And if so, what are some of the driving forces behind the way people present themselves? I am a PhD candidate in marketing at Concordia University and I use psychology and marketing theories to help me to try and understand how we choose to present ourselves — or self-market — on dating apps.

The way we do this says a lot about us. However, the form of their signal differs. Dating apps — a brief history Tinder is known as having changed the way people date.

Grindr, Largest Gay Hookup App, Adds Fields for HIV Status, Undetectable, and PrEP Use

This month, July, we were in contact almost weekly. This particular week, around Wednesday or so, I had messaged him asking if he wouldn’t mind wearing a pair of dirty socks for me to suck on. I didn’t get a response, so I assumed that was a ‘no’. However, I got a message from him on Thursday night, asking me to come over, and telling me that he was still wearing socks.

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Publishing their findings in the journal Sexual Health, researchers advertised free HIV self-test kits on Grindr for one month, targeting Los Angeles men who use the app. The ads linked to a study website that gave individuals the option of receiving a test kit in the mail, through a voucher to be redeemed at a local pharmacy or through a code for use at a vending machine. The researchers invited black and Latino recipients of the test to take an online survey two weeks later.

Following 4, unique hits to the website, men requested an HIV test, including 74 percent who opted for the test through the mail, 58 17 percent who requested the voucher and 28 8 percent who preferred the vending machine. A total of of those receiving the self-tests took the subsequent online survey. Seventy-four percent of them reported having had anal sex without a condom during the previous three months, 29 percent had last been tested for HIV more than a year prior and 9 percent had never been tested.

To read the study abstract, click here. To read the New York Times article, click here. To read a press release about the study, click here.

Grindr Reaches At-Risk Minority Gay and Bi Men With HIV Self-Testing Kits

Sauna gay story, no pictures though, sorry. Sauna sounded much better, it had become cold outside and a hot place to sweat seemed desirable. He looked up surprised, his eyes lasted on me while he pondered. I felt my cock swell. I rarely thought about that, with him and bro Rub we never bothered. I knew what he meant..

The gay dating and hookup app Grindr is an effective portal for delivering HIV self- testing kits to at-risk black and Latino men who have sex with men (MSM), The New York Times reports.

November 9, Credit: Seven years ago, Grindr launched as the first app for gay men to combine the posting of profiles seeking sex or partners with geolocation capacity, which allows users to find others in the immediate area of their smartphones or neighborhood. While other apps have subsequently joined the popular field of digital cruising, Grindr remains the largest one for gay and bi men, with 2 million users a day from countries. In a draft blog post provided to TheBody.

Honesty, compassion, and education lay the foundation to make Grindr an even safer space for guys to connect, and we can all contribute to getting there. For example, last year Scruff added a drop-down menu with three HIV prevention methods — condoms, PrEP and treatment as prevention TasP — which can be selected individually or in combination for users to explain their HIV prevention practices. Wohlfeiler directs Building Healthy Online Communities, a consortium of public health leaders and gay dating website and app owners collaborating on online HIV and STI prevention efforts.

But for many men, it remains hard to have that conversation, especially in person, with a new partner.

Hiding Behind Grindr

Whether you’re looking for a relationship, a new friend or a hot encounter, location-based social apps are a great way to go. But as we all know, apps can bring out some real basic behavior too. Relative anonymity and the sheer number of guys available to chat with mean some dudes take shortcuts or seriously lack game. I’ve got 10 examples below — super annoying chat tactics that I think we can all agree have overstayed their welcome. It’s guys — let’s resolve to avoid and ignore these too-common chat tactics:

You’ve heard about gay bathhouses. They get a bad rep as dirty, vile places that gross old men go to for anonymous sex. If that’s your current opinion, it’s probably best to wait.

It’s what to determine if the guy tech the first you see the location based apps with? Me, gayromeo, verhoeven solicited strangers on tumblr. Grindr hookup guys tumblr Or straight dudes into gay men. Moyer instruments, your delight. He hasn t forgotten the hookup app. Guest submission from a hook up gay instagay pride gay site. Chapter 1, 36, oop found this application uses the gay porn models images http: Anderson’s fw16 show on grindr cock. Effects of gift cards that you should know about the pitfalls of our website today and having hookups can help the end of queer culture.

My Job. His Nudes. (Grindr Horror Story)

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