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Have You Heard the News Here are current stories about Oldies Artists in the News: The Maherrin, Virginia native was Winners will be inducted June 13 in New York City. Freddie Hart, whose country crossover, Easy Loving” went to 17 on the pop charts in , died Satursday October 27 in Burbank, California at the age of The Queens, New York native was believed to be Dominick and his brother Frank originally sang in a doo-wop group called the Dialtones to little success before forming a quintet in called the Encores and recording with the same production team as the Tokens.

Beginnings of Rap: Old-School through the Golden Age

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Native Tongues In the summer of , two albums with eerily similar titles presented radically different visions for the future of hip-hop. In August, NWA’s bomb of a gangsta masterpiece, Straight Outta Compton, blew up the hip-hop landscape, forever changing the posture, politics, and attitude of rap music and rappers trying to be hardcore.

Rap music is explosive and on the rise but still misunderstood and barely represented in the mainstream. For their third album, producer Rick Rubin, a year-old white kid from New York University, comes up with a crazy idea: But on a Sunday in March, they meet in a Manhattan recording studio to create what will become one of the most important songs of the modern pop era. He asks drummer Joey Kramer to play along.

Joe Perry Aerosmith, lead guitar Click for biography I was really into the Meters, the esoteric, funky kind of music. Sly and the Family Stone. I started fooling around on this riff.

Nunya Biznuzz

No, I didn’t read this expecting a work of literary genius. I read it expecting confessions of an ordinary around-the-way girl who happened to date Nas and Jay-Z, and that’s exactly what I got. I couldn’t ask for more.

It was modern day jazz blended with poetry and it worked. It came during a time when spoken word was everyone’s side hobby and starring on Def Poetry Jam was how you knew you were making it.

Courtesy of the artists Courtesy of the artists It’s impossible to overstate how golden hip-hop shone in — the shattered Billboard records , the most-streamed genre recognition from Nielsen. Industry hype aside, rap reflected our collective conscience, and national crisis, like never before. While the power of playlists and the ability to juke streaming stats with song loops set new standards, the long-play album remained the definitive format for artists intent on making timeless creative statements.

And artists got pretty DAMN. Jay-Z and Tyler, the Creator averted respective midlife and quarter-life crises with their most mature confessionals to date. GoldLink and Open Mike Eagle erected memorials to the erased cultures, and cribs, of their upbringing. Lil Uzi Vert and Future went hyper-emo over loves lost and loathed. Kendrick Lamar exposed his prophetic struggle on an altar of self-sacrifice.

And Rapsody reigned supreme over nearly everybody. In a year this robust, it would be easy to make an exhaustive list of the best releases. Indeed, the Internet is chock full of them. But hip-hop did not ascend to new heights in a vacuum. It’s sonic uprising happened amid a national backdrop of political upheaval, racial discord, violent demonstrations and revelatory reckoning around the systemic abuses of power and gender inequality that hits so close to home in this genre.

In hip-hop, as elsewhere, the personal is always political.

Poetri dating myself funny, report this post

That was the day I was able to show a crowd of around people my purpose for living and breathing. For showcasing self-expression through poetry amongst the community. When I pitched my idea to my professor Michelle Dowd, she loved it. The only thing she was worried about was where I wanted my event to be held, inside of the Chaffey College theatre.

All Def Poetry. 28K likes. ALL DEF POETRY, a YouTube channel presented by Russell Simmons that brings you weekly performances by emerging and established.

Tidal Background The Life of Pablo is a loaded title. Almost as loaded as our expectations. Does our brother Kanye really have the audacity to compare himself to the greatest painter of the twentieth century, the most notorious drug dealer the world has ever known and the author of half the New goddamn Testament in four short words?

It can be hard to be shocked by Yeezus nowadays, but regardless of your thoughts on the album itself, you cannot deny it is one of the most important albums of the past few years. The kind that rarely exists anymore. In the three years since his uncomfortable, experimental masterpiece Yeezus, Kanye had refocused. And the same is true of music industry, with literally hundreds of notable, successful artists citing Kanye West as a key influence.

Russell Simmons ‘Removing’ Himself After 2nd Allegation Of Sexual Assault

You just come waltzing into town like nothing has happened, like nothing has changed. Don’t look at me like that. You’re the one who left for a year with no explanation, no warning. And I’m just supposed to be okay with that? A lot has changed in the last year. I tried going vegan, did you know that?

—Nikki Giovanni Award-winning journalist, and author of The Prisoner’s Wife and Daughter, and performance poet featured on HBO’S Def Poetry Jam, asha bandele once again writes from the heart in her lyrical and intimate memoir Something Like Beautiful—a moving story of /5(9).

Stories from the staff of — and contributors to — The Mumbai Art Collective. Jan 15, Evolution of a Voice: Poetry has always been therapy to me. For a nervous, jittery, anxiety ridden woman who stuttered shaky hellos, who froze in the middle of arguments, poetry was my only way to articulate things. I grew up the youngest of two siblings, and my voice was drowned in the authority of people who seemed to know better. But in private things were different. In the privacy of my bedroom I was teacher, speech-giver, powerful poet.

I would act out my poetry, dramatize pauses and emphatic phrases, pretend I had an audience. After all, I wrote personal stuff. Until I stumbled upon spoken word. An old friend from college started putting up videos of her performances and for the first time I saw a woman talk about desire, heartbreak, home, her relationship with herself. Stuff I never thought could be said in public.

It was a revelation.

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Parsons, Mary Elizabeth wander move or cause to move in a sinuous or circular course insist be emphatic or resolute and refuse to budge Interior Department officials insisted that they had conducted an extensive scientific inquiry before moving ahead with the spill response plan. New York Times Feb 17, a person of noble birth trained to arms and chivalry The knight was gallant not only in war, but in love also.

Crothers, Samuel McChord make realize the truth or validity of something But though he listened he was not convinced.

Album of the Year # Kanye West – The Life of Pablo (heads) submitted 1 year ago * by Mevansuto. Artist: Kanye West. So, on February 11th, myself, along with many, many others, tucked into our local cinema to watch the live stream of this event. And this was an event.

Dancing Around the Rink aka: The roller rink, with its shiny, polished floor, flashing colored lights, and giant mural painted on the far wall, was almost like a second home. For years, my siblings, friends and I whizzed around to popular songs including my all-time favorite skate song, Pour Some Sugar on Me. We watched in awe as the jamskaters danced around the circuit, boogying and bouncing and swaying their hips to the rhythm like the skates were just an extension of their bodies.

We did wheelbarrow races and the Hokey Pokey and Shoot the Duck contests. Occasionally, the DJ would turn on a slow jam, which meant hand-in-hand skating for couples, and a Slurpee and popcorn break for us wallflowers. My own kids, by contrast, have rarely been to the roller rink.

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